Ghazal: Less Than Love

Remember how much easier it
+++was to undress than love?
Our infidelities taught us what
+++we had was less than love.

The Mother of Exiles: “Give me your tired,
+++your poor, your huddled masses.
Today your sons and daughters
+++would rather make arrests than love.

Patriotism is just safety in numbers.
+++Lay down your flags.
No nation ever waged a war
+++more dangerous than love.

I weeped in your lap, my tears
+++clamoring to win your pity.
But your heart was in your phone.
+++You would rather digress than love.

For hyperactive boys and girls,
+++prescription Ritalin.
Why deal with it? Much more
+++efficient to suppress than love.

Political rant: obsession
+++as all-American as porn.
The raging Twitter troll
+++would rather self-caress than love

Beware the Great Commandment,
+++Eugene. Loving God is easy.
You know your feeling toward
+++your fellow man is less than love.

— Eugene A. Melino

Photo by author: Cooper Square Lights, East Village, New York City, September 2018.