Ghazal: My Love

Adrift across your eyes’
+++rare green, my love,
we learned the ways
+++adults diversify love.

Good Muslims should speak
+++truth to their fanatics?
For this Christ got what?
+++Peter left to deny love.

I don’t care why
+++The Donald says I’m fired,
The Beatles tell me
+++money can’t buy me love.

Second amendment gun
+++American idol.
Our Pilates wash their hands
+++and crucify love.

Babies ourselves,
+++your breasts — untouchable.
We were two teens asleep
+++in a lullabye love.

Gay or straight,
+++ignore the wedding bells.
Neither church nor
+++state can verify love.

Keep your solemn protests.
+++Forget the rich.
Take care of the least
+++of Mine. Occupy love.

Obsession nearly drowned me.
+++Still I dream
Of how your honeyed loins
+++could liquefy love.

Elections come and go
+++like drunken brawls,
their partisan polemics
+++ossify love.

In faith I wrestle
+++naked angels all day
To get a blessed
+++dislocated thigh love.

We two together, mom,
+++my first breath to your last.
I sign this Eugene,
+++your only son’s goodbye love.

– Eugene A. Melino

Originally published in Eastern Structures No. 3, Vol. 1, 2017.

Photo by E.A. Melino, “3rd Avenue Flowers & Neon,” East Village, NYC, Summer 2018.